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The Designer

ira 343Hera Limniotaki is one of the most prominent Greek fashion designers.  She was born in Crete, Greece.  Her interdisciplinary approach to her studies (from English literature to fashion design, dance and photography) has given her a rare glimpse of the female psyche that manifests itself in her collections: soft, ethereal, theatrical clothes that softly embrace the body while letting it move freely, reflecting her philosophy for all the things that move incessantly, constantly changing shape, without being confined by time or place.

Hera has participated in three successive Fashion Shows in the Athens Exlusive Designers Week (AXDW) as well as in the first eco-show organized in Greece among great names in the Greek and European Fashion Industry.  In March 2012, she received the Best Catwalk award in the AXDW for her “Fairy Dust” choreographed portrayal of Parisian chic.  Ever since, she has been designing with authenticity and passion.

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